Studio CCT3 Dimmable LED Downlight

The Studio Downlight range, uses the latest SMD LED’s with Driver-On-Board technology. It is able to be either wall or ceiling mounted, is ultra-slim, and has the option for surface mounting by surface bracket or recessed springs. A unique variable width recessed spring system allows installs from as little as a 55mm cut-out to 250mm diameter with only a 15mm depth. A Colour Temperature selector switch on the rear of the fitting provides a choice of Warm, Neutral or Daylight white light colour to be selected.


    • There is a complete range of STUDIO downlights for any installation requirement with a choice of wattages and diameters
    • The Studio has a white polycarbonate body which provides strength, rigidity and durability with an attractive aesthetic
    • The White Opal polystyrene diffuser helps to reduce glare and eye discomfort whilst allowing maximum light transmission. Black or Brushed Chrome magnetically attachable trims accessories are available which allow the colour to be changed to match or contrast future décor schemes
    • The 15mm shallow body is ideal for surface mounting in buildings with low ceilings or roof space. Aesthetically it doesn’t intrude into the lit space
    • The fitting surface mounts to the wall or ceiling using a unique installation system which comprises of a universal mounting bracket with pre-punched fixing screw holes for surface mounting, whilst the notched & numbered idents permits the sliding springs to be used which allows the fitting to be surface mounted over an existing hole cut-out
    • The Studio is pre-wired with 170mm of two core flex to enable traditional termination into a junction box. It is also a Class 2 fitting which means it doesn’t need an earth to the fitting as is often the situation in some existing installations
    • The body is rotated onto the bracket and locks into place to provide a neat, fast, safe and secure mounting
    • The fitting has a CRI of 80 which provides clear light quality with accurate reproduction of colours
    • A high quality Driver-On-Board phase-cut dimmable constant current driver provides accurate drive current and voltage for optimum lighting performance and enhanced LED and driver life
      DOB also means there are no electrolytic capacitors, often the failure mode of traditional drivers
      A dimmer compatibility list is available on the Robus website
    • High quality LM80 tested SMD LEDs are used providing great light output at a fraction of the power consumption of traditional light sources
    • The LED rated life is projected using industry recognised LM80 and TM21 test methods, proving the longevity of the fitting, its low lumen depreciation and stable colour temperature over life
    • The Studio has a selector switch on the rear which enables either Warm, Neutral or Daylight white colour temperatures to be chosen for the most appropriate light colour for the use of the lit space
    • This also enables the light colour to be chosen at the time of installation or altered if future use of the lit space changes
    • The fitting utilises solid state technology without traditional filaments, electrodes or heaters so there are no inconvenient premature failures due to building vibrations or hot to cold switching cycles. This allows instant switching so is suitable for operation with PIR, Microwave or Photocell sensors without detriment to life


  • Small offices
  • Apartment access stairs & corridors
  • Care homes and sheltered housing
  • Student & nurse accommodation
  • Retail shops
  • Hotel receptions
  • Sports centre changing rooms
  • Entrances lobbies and walkways
  • Storerooms
  • Restaurants / Café’s


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