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Reducing energy costs and therefore carbon emissions is of primary importance for all building types. Utilising the latest Surface Mount Diode LED and driver technology these fittings provide a cost effective, energy saving solution for applications ranging from illuminating store cupboards or bathrooms to larger communal lounge or corridor areas. Perhaps as important, huge savings in maintenance and traditional lamp change costs can be achieved to provide very short paybacks where automatic switching by sensor is employed which reduces traditional lamp life considerably OR continuous use operation causing ballast life to be adversely affected.


    • Robus 3 Year Warranty
    • Aluminium base with high impact UV stabilised frosted diffuser
    • Utilises high quality long life surface mount Edison 3535 SMD LED technology:
      • Provides exceptional light output and low power consumption to achieve great efficacy
      • Ensures lumen & CCT depreciation is minimised 
      • Achieves an average LED life of 30,000 hours
    • Colour temperature of 4000k with high CRI


    • Strong and durable construction provides long service life
      • Aluminium base provides excellent heat conduction
      • Diffuser allows maximum light output
      • Provides low glare
      • Creates even light distribution without hotspots
      • Aesthetically pleasing as the individual LED’s are not visible
    • Compared to compact fluorescent:
      • Comparable light output so is a one for one replacement
      • Energy savings of over 50% providing paybacks of <12 months
      • Light output and colour is consistent over life
      • No maintenance cost for replacement lamps
      • Super efficiency providing compliance with current & foreseeable regulatory efficacy legislation

Application Areas: Flat & apartment blocks • Public Buildings • Sports centres • Care homes • Stairwells • Corridors • Communal areas


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