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LED Exit Box

This LED exit boxes will satisfy the legal requirement to provide adequate emergency signage in our buildings. For all building types these fittings can be surface mounted on walls or ceilings. They combine the latest SMD LED and electronic driver technology to provide functional, energy efficient fittings. The fitting can be wired in maintained or non-maintained mode and can be switched by photocell if required to save energy while natural light is available.


    • Large clear running man down or up arrow legend with left and right legends available separately
      • Provides a viewing distance of up to 30m for safe exit and
      • Options for emergency exit route direction indication
    • Two downward facing light windows
      • Provides downward light to illuminate the area below the fitting for safe exit
    • Pressed steel white powder coated body
      • Aesthetically pleasing for installation in quality installations


  • Offices
  • Public buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Health Centres
  • Schools
  • Shops and stores
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hotels


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