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Motion sensor (PIR and MW)

These multi-function Microwave/PIR sensors primary function is to save energy by taking natural light into account and only adding as much additive light as required to attain a set point lux level. Parameters can be set using a 16- channel rotating wheel. Additional functionality is achieved using the optional remote-control programming tool The light fittings being controlled require a 1-10VDC driver for Dimming Functionality. Without, they will operate in on/off only, adding the hold and standby times together Parameters: Detection Sensitivity, Target Light Level, Hold Time, Standby Light Level, Standby Time Before Off Note: Please see data page 2 for specific parameter settings available using the Microwave Sensor Wheel Settings and the optional Remote-Control Programmer.


    • This multifunction sensor utilises both Microwave and Passive Infra-Red technology. By default the sensor is set to trigger on Microwave OR PIR and requires the HRC-11 programming tool to avail of the other sensing technology options
      • When set to Microwave sensing alone it very sensitive, with extended sensing distance and will sense very small movement of anything including through some partitions
      • When set to PIR it will only detect movement of a heat signature so is not false triggered so easily when the fitting it is attached to swings on its chain due to air movement
      • Combination of MW and PIR provide the advantages of both technologies to overcome any disadvantages of either
    • The high specification Fresnel lens combined with Microwave and PIR detection technologies provide a 360 degree cone shaped detection pattern for accurate detection of movement in the area
    • The sensor is IP65 rated so is ideal for installation in damp or dusty environments
    • It is also IK10 so will take the occasional knock from a fork-lift or pallet of goods


Primarily used in large buildings such as:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Farm buildings
  • Storage areas
  • Racking areas
  • Warehouses
  • Show rooms
  • Large garages
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Bus and coach depots


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