Used with the ROBUS CONNECT App and other CONNECT devices, these adapters with integrated Wi-Fi, add CONNECT functionality to any plug in piece of equipment. They are available in 3 pin Type G for BS wiring accessories, and 2 pin Type C configuration IEC for EU.


    • Available in 13A rated Type G or 16A rated Type C pin configurations for electrical systems based on BS or EN standards
    • Has a relay output providing on / off control
    • These adapters are Wi-Fi enabled so controlled from the same Robus Connect App as all Connect products
    • They allow all plug in devices to be controlled by the Robus Connect App and have the following functionality
    • On / off - Remotely turn off an iron that may have been left on
    • Timer and schedule – Turn a kettle or coffee maker on at a specific time
    • Groups – Operate a number of plug in devices as one
    • Scenes and Automations – use specific conditions to switch on or off a plugged in device
    • Power metering function provides:
    • Instantaneous Current, Power, Voltage, and total Kilowatt hours
    • Historical kWH by date
    • This might be useful to monitor power used by a specific piece of equipment such as an old Fridge, prompting to renew for a more efficient one


  • Domestic
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Switching all types of appliance up to max rated load
  • Measuring and recording power consumption instantaneous and historical


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