Electrical Contractors & Installers: ROBUS is Here to Help

We’re Here to Help Electrical Contractors & Installers

Your needs are important to us, so don’t be afraid to reach out for any help you may need. Our talented team of Area Sales Managers (ASM) and Project Engineers are on hand to discuss everything from lighting design, conducting site visits, to giving product presentations or product training. Our Area Sales Managers work closely with wholesale stockists to ensure you get the service that you need when you need it.

We want to bring you the most reliable, innovative and best in class products we can. That’s why we continually invest in the creation and development of practical low energy lighting solutions that offer functionality and superior performance. We have a comprehensive range of low energy lamps and luminaire in all categories, from industrial to smart lighting. We also provide services specifically designed to meet the needs of electrical contractor which include:

  • Site visits
  • Dedicated lighting design service
  • Product customisation service
  • Loyalty programme
  • Training and guides

Energy Savings It’s no surprise that LEDs are rapidly evolving into the most efficient and energy saving light source available. Combine this with the phasing out of inefficient lamps across the industry and the results are a revolution in the lighting sector. When you buy ROBUS you can save enormous amounts of energy.

Check out the savings you can make when compared to standard fitting with the ROBUS Energy Saving Calculator.

Vegas LED Strip Calculator We also have a VEGAS LED FLEXI-STRIP CALCULATOR. This calculator shows only indicative results of designs using max driver wattages with the Flexi-Strip in a parallel configuration.


Meet our new app, your fast track to smart working. Whether you want to create a quote request, claim 2-years on-site warranty, calculate energy savings or order a bespoke lighting design, we’ve got you covered. You can also browse our entire catalogue at a touch, redeem rewards and even plan projects when you’re on the go - your fast track to smart working. Download the app or register to use on desktop here.

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